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Gift Registry

How do we create a gift registry at The Happy Cooker?

Are you getting married? Have you met that special someone? Moving in together or just moving?

There are many occasions where you may want to create a gift registry for all things kitchen related. The easiest way to create a registry is to make an appointment with us at the store to ensure staff are available to answer all of your questions.

Please call us at 204 453 2665 or email and we will schedule a convenient time for you to come in.

How far in advance do you suggest we register?

The sooner the better! Registering way in advance of a special occasion will provide your family and friends ample time to make a gift selection. Also, it will allow you to add or change any items on the registry well in advance.

What should we register for?

Include a larger selection to ensure all budgets are covered. Higher ticket items should also be listed as sometimes family or friends combine resources for a joint gift.Make sure you register for absolutely everything! We can make suggestions for you at the store.

Should we make an appointment?

It is wise to make an appointment to ensure you receive the attention you will need should you have questions. Weekends are usually busier and staff may have less time for answering questions. When you contact the store we can suggest a quieter time where we can focus on your needs for the registry.

How do we (and our guests / family / friends) access the registry?

When you have completed ( or change !! ) your registry we will transfer the document to our website under the tab ‘Registry”. To access simply select ‘Registry” and a list of names will appear with an attachment for you, your family and friends to access.

Duplicate gifts?

No problem. Please return in original packaging to exchange for an alternate item. Gift receipts are also available upon request.

Bridal/Commitment registry purchases will receive a ten per cent ( 10% ) discount on all items. The prices on all registries are accurate at the time of creating the registry. Some or all prices may differ at the time of purchase.

Current Registries

TRAA, Morgan / MacLEOD, Conner



ANAS, Kathryn

HOWARD, Caitlin / WSIAKI, Mikael

Ryan & Sheeba Registry

GRAHAM, Jane / RAMOS, Joel

NELSON, Kristin / FORNWALD, Blair

SOROBEY, Katie / COLE, Jordan