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The Happy Cooker opened its doors to Winnipeg in September 1973. We have been proudly serving Winnipeggers now for over 40 years !

The passage of time has been very exciting indeed and we have seen many changes in the kitchenware industry. Changes in staples such as knives and cookware, electrical and gadgets have been significant over this four decade period.   READ MORE  ›

The Happy Cooker Winnipeg

Cookware, Bakeware, Kitchen gadgets, countertop appliances, barware, glassware, aprons, linens including dishcloths/teatowels, coffee and tea makers/accessories, bbq section, HUGE selection of kitchen knives and so much more ! THE HARDWARE STORE FOR COOKS ! SERVING WINNIPEG FOR 40 YEARS !
The Happy Cooker Winnipeg
The Happy Cooker WinnipegSaturday, August 27th, 2016 at 9:41pm

GLOBAL GS-8 Peeling Knife

Regular price $ 100.00
SALE $ 69.99 !

Limited stock ..... call us at 204 453 2665
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The Happy Cooker Winnipeg
The Happy Cooker Winnipeg added 2 new photos.Saturday, August 27th, 2016 at 7:16pm

All Nespresso Coffee Machines now 25% off !

Existing stock and only until sold out.
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The Happy Cooker Winnipeg
The Happy Cooker WinnipegWednesday, August 10th, 2016 at 3:09pm

Now at The Happy Cooker !!

Lampe Berger is a decorative fragrance lamp that destroys odors and bacteria in the air, while increasing the oxygen levels and perfuming your environment. Lampe Berger uses a catalytic burner that reaches 140 degrees fahrenheit to combust a special alcohol based liquid fuel. The burning fuel releases molecules into the air that capture and destroy odors while dispersing essential oils.

The Benefits of Lampe Berger.

Lampe Berger purifies the air by destroying odors and air borne bacteria. It increases oxygen levels in the air. The fuels contain essential oils that are made from natural botanical extracts. These oils perfume the air and provide aroma therapy, as well as having inscet repelling properties.

Questions ?? Come in and chat with the staff at The Happy Cooker or call us at 204 453 2665 ! This is a terrific product and is a great addition tot he kitchen or home in general.
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The Happy Cooker Winnipeg
The Happy Cooker WinnipegThursday, August 4th, 2016 at 4:31pm

The cheese knife was created in the early 1940's by Harold Joseph Fairchild at his firm, Fairchild Engineering, and was designed specifically to cut his favorite cheese, Velveeta, so that it would not stick to the knife. Fancy cheeses were not existent in this country and if they were, most of us could not afford them. Harold designed military devices for the US Government during WW Two. He was a grad of Ohio State University who was born in 1904.

The Cheese Knife
Unique Patented Drafted Blade

The Cheese Knife is made of a revolutionary new material and design that keeps the cheese on the plate, not on the knife. Originally designed as a soft-cheese knife, the technology also works with butter, boiled eggs, cake, or any substance that typically sticks or leaves a residue on ordinary blades.

This knife is incredible and truly works ! Original and large sizes in store now ! Any questions please call us at 204 453 2665.
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The Happy Cooker Winnipeg
The Happy Cooker Winnipeg updated their cover photo.Thursday, August 4th, 2016 at 4:29pm
NEW at The Happy Cooker !!!
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